Male DV victims may never show their eyes again

This week had a big day for justice we have seen one of the biggest televised court hearings since O.J except for this time it was vastly different the way we accessed it was different the accusation was different, and the way people are handling the result is quite different.

This time it was Johhny Depp trying to clear his tarnished name after a series of horrific accusations was thrown at him and with a lot of help from a complicit media, millions were ready to burn the witch before knowing the facts.

I would be genuinely shocked if you did not know almost everything that happened already but just in case you live under a Twitter-proof rock the quick summary goes like this.

Amber Heard was sued by Johnny Depp for deformation from the result of an article she helped write with the ACLU to further destroy what was left of Johnny Depp’s reputation after a very public divorce filled with accusations of spousal abuse. many other things happened over 6 years that led to where we are now but as I say you either know or tried awfully hard to stay out of this and not know anything about what has been happening.

So why am I writing this article? well after watching the trial in its entirety and seeing about 1,000 memes and 100 takes I have my thoughts I want to get out there, that I do not think have seen said yet. Even though this is a clear victory for justice for all victims of a biased system and that Johnny Depp deserves every cent he was awarded by the jury against Amber Heard however I cannot help stop the negative thought that we will likely never see anything like this happen again.

Every day men around the world are accused of heinous crimes and the people who accuse them of these crimes are often believed with almost no evidence this at best threatens to destroy the life they have with their immediate friends and family but often can destroy their work-life and even lead to these men feeling they have no other option but to destroy their very own life literally.

One of the reasons so many of us followed this case so closely, I believe is we saw what Johnny Depp was going through and felt a connection. What connection we felt will vary broadly and this could just shine a light on just how exceptionally charismatic a man he is. But at least for me, I saw a victim of domestic abuse on many levels one who has been dying to tell his story for years and nobody would listen until he forced us to.

But that is the problem only a handful of men on the planet have what Johnny Depp has and unless we learn to trust the men in our lives and hear them out, hear their side of the story this victory for justice only means one of the most loved men on the planet can be trusted and nobody else.  Unless we learn to #trustmen as well as #believewomen you will never see the eyes of a male victim of domestic violence ever again. 

One thought on “Male DV victims may never show their eyes again

  1. While it is heartning what it will achieve is questionable. Nine media followed up with a couple of article which were of the “how dare they say a woman can commit DV” type which had the usual list of stats and once again did not mention any stats about DV towards males. Tried to as I have before to get a comment through with some male stats but no as usual they got buried. I did however manage to get 4 comments published which is a tiny breach in the feminist firewall but the comment I really wanted to get up about male DV murders was again refused. We however must keep trying.


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