3 thoughts on “March For Men – Response to Ben Graham

  1. I watch this feminists in the interview and you clearly see they don’t want to listen to anything men have to say..they have a political agenda to discredit all good men in our society

    They don’t even comment on the large number of crimes committed by women against men, boys, babies, and hide behind the very misused description of themselves as “a mom”

    Example in the news 2 days ago

    Mother of staffer who had sex with students blames school

    The woman was a student aide at The Armidale School in NSW.

    The mother blames the school for not protecting her daughter as a “vulnerable woman”

    If that was a man, there would be no holding back the hate.

    These feminists like to have it their way only.
    I noted she could not stand criticism and walked away.
    In the interview calling the interviewer “darling” isn’t that sexual discrimination or harassment

    Keep up the good work.

    We need to confront this


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