Media Enquiries

Note: Please read our Media Policy below before you submit your enquiry. Thank you. – mensrightssydney

Media Policy

Men’s Rights Sydney welcomes enquiries from the media and is willing to conduct interviews, provide information to journalists, and discuss issues with other members of the media. However, we do have some conditions:

  • We reserve the right to make & keep our own record of all interviews.
  • We reserve the right to publicly publish our records. However, on request, we are happy to withhold any public posting until such time as the contents of that interview, or the article based upon it, has been published.
  • We may sometimes make minor edits to audio recordings of interviews in order to remove irrelevant parts ( e.g. removing the dialog that occurs while setting up an online audio connection & confirming that all parties can hear each other), however we will never edit the recording in such as way as to change it’s meaning in any substantial way & in all cases we keep a completely unedited copy on hand for reference should anyone claim that we have attempted to mislead people through creative editing.
  • Misunderstandings are an unfortunate fact of life so we understand that sometimes a journalist will accidentally misquote or innocently misinterpret what we have said. In most cases these misunderstandings are minor or unimportant & so, while regrettable, require no action to be taken. However, occasionally a more serious, yet still innocent, mistake will occur & in such cases it is our policy to contact the journalist in question & politely ask them to rectify the situation or to explain to our satisfaction why they think it should stand as is. Should they refuse to do this, or if we believe that they have intentionally grossly misrepresented our words (unfortunately, it does happen), our typical response is then to post our record of the interview on our web site in it’s full & unedited form, along with an article detailing the dishonesty of said journalist & using the recording as evidence for our claims. We will also attempt to convince as many other men’s rights groups as possible to post it on their sites as well. Furthermore, should we feel that it’s appropriate, we may also contact the journalist’s superior or editor & inform him/her of the journalist’s conduct, furnishing them with our copy of the record as evidence if necessary.
  • Our words & actions represent Men’s Rights Australia and its corresponding subsidiaries only. We absolutely do not speak for any other men’s rights groups nor do we have a say in the way they are run.

While these are our customary policies, with the exception of the final one, they are not written in stone by any means & we are willing to consider any reasonable request for exemption on a case by case basis. If you have good reason to object to any one or more of these conditions, please feel free to raise it with us.

Thank you for your interest.


Men’s Rights Sydney