Adrian Johnson(AKA Imdefender):

When he was at school he would get into fights with bullies. This got him into mild trouble occasionally. One day, however, the bullies he fought happened to be female & the following weeks were the hardest of his life. A very violent and immature way of getting introduced to men’s issues, he admits. He is solely responsible for updating Men’s Rights Australia’s Twitter feed. He also assists in updating the Facebook page, responding to messages we receive and in writing articles under the user name mensrightssydney. He is a co-founder and the leader of Men’s Rights Sydney.


Tom Voltz (AKA tvsinesperanto):

Tom has a wife & two kids that he loves dearly and worries about the kind of world in which his kids will grow up if misandry is left unchallenged. He is responsible for the vast majority of articles written under the user name Men’s Rights Sydney & also assists in responding to messages we receive. He comments under the user name mensrightssydney on this site, as well as on YouTube, and AVFM. He is a co-founder of Men’s Rights Sydney.

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