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General Guidelines

  • By submitting an article to Men’s Rights Sydney, you are consenting to having your article published on other Men’s Rights web sites & blogs including, but not limited to, Men’s Rights Australia & AVFM (and their various regional affiliates).
  • Articles should be in plain text form. Complex styles and formatting must be avoided. Simple text is best
  • Include a suggested name for the article
  • Articles advocating any kind of violence or extremism will hit the trash. You are in the wrong place for this.
  • Links are acceptable, provided they are relevant. Articles written primarily to promote a website, a product, or yourself will also hit the trash.
  • Please make it clear to us what name or pseudonym you wish to use.
  • Use a spell checker before submitting, or we will reject your piece before we finish reading it. Sorry, we don’t have time to compensate for your lack of attention to punctuation and other details.
  • If you are going to use statistics or make empirical claims in your article, you must provide sources.
  • Occasional profanity in order to stress an important issue is acceptable, but articles littered with abusive language will be rejected.
  • If your article has already been published on the web, do provide the URL of its original location.
  • Include a short bio of about 25 words with your article. This should be written in the third person, i.e. “Jim Bean is a freelance writer,” and not “I am freelance writer.”
  • Any final decision whether to publish your article rests with us absolutely. Do not take it personally if your article is not published.

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