Men’s Rights Edmonton Quantifies Feminist Stupidity in New Video Series

Nick Reading of Men’s Rights Edmonton (MRE) has recently started production of a new series of expositional videos that codify some of the dynamics and relationships between Feminism & wider society, including the MHRM, into an easy to understand framework with an aim to assist people to better quantify, and therefore fight, feminist stupidity.

In our opinion everyone, whether they are still choking down their first dose of red pill or are a salty old MHRM veteran, will benefit from watching these videos.

The subject of the initial couple of videos have already been decided upon but Nick will be crowdsourcing topics for future videos so, if you have a topic you’d like him to cover, leave a comment detailing your topic in the comment section.

We will be updating this page to add more videos as they are produced so watch this space.

If you would prefer, you can also view these videos directly from Men’s Rights Edmonton’s YouTube channel at:

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