I Can’t Get Laid

A Voice for Me

Feminist: “You’re an MRA, because you can’t get laid.”

Out of all the shaming tactics that have been employed against me and my efforts to spread ideas relating to men’s rights and criticisms of feminism, the “can’t get laid” accusation strikes me as the most hurtful, insidious, and blatantly hypocritical. However, instead of merely dismissing this tennis ball of a criticism thrown at the tank of my character and intellect, I have decided to critically analyze this accusation in order to expose my critics’ hypocrisy, sexism, and dehumanizing regard for male sexuality.

The phrase “can’t get laid” is a monstrosity. Consider what these three little words imply:

  1. A man who “can’t get laid” is to be shamed and criticized as a sexually incompetent failure.
  2. A man who “can’t get laid” lacks the ability to have sex with women at will.
  3. A man who “can’t get laid” should be blamed for lacking this mystical…

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