An interesting development

During our last postering run, we discovered that feminists had covered one of our posters with a poster advertising a feminist event. That’s not at all surprising, but what is interesting is that somebody had torn down most of the feminist poster to reveal our poster underneath.

It’s a mystery to us who did this but it means that we have at least one supporter out there. If you’re the one who did it, contact us, we’d love to chat with you.

This has also given us an opportunity to talk about our views & policy on the tearing down & covering of other people’s posters. In short, we don’t advocate it, except under certain specific conditions. The video below covers the details.




4 thoughts on “An interesting development

  1. Not only are feminist NOT the epicentre, self proclaimed arbiters on social issues, which they have completely corrupted with their fact-free and obvious misinformation regarding the male sex, combining meaningless meanderings and endless whining on irrelevant issues, they also appear to suffer from apostrophic grandeur.


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