Feminism Hurts Women Too


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Feminism hurts women too

It’s not exactly uncommon knowledge that feminism has a penchant for man-hating and such; even when some people try to explain it away, the mere concept of things like patriarchy kind of steamroll right over their excuses. However… feminism doesn’t just cause problems for men… it actually harms women significantly as well.

Since there are a thousand articles on how feminism hurts men and boys, let’s take a look today, instead, upon how feminism hurts the very people it claims to protect.

Patriarchy Theory

We may as well start at ground level. Patriarchy theory is the conspiracy theory which states that all men oppress and control all women through this unified front where men are always on top and women are always on the bottom. According to patriarchy theory, this is intentional, and it’s the source of all the ills of the world that women face, and men are to blame for it, though men are also harmed by it. But… this keystone to modern day feminism has a flaw: it can’t exist without women being so absolutely useless that they wouldn’t be capable of being in power.

Here’s the problem: Patriarchy theory (it’s not actually a theory as it doesn’t hold up to hardly any of the requirements to qualify), states that women are oppressed by men. Every oppressed class has always risen up and overthrown their oppressors within a few hundred years at most. Every oppressed group in history has been able to band together and form a unified front against the dictatorship that kept them down. From the Jews, to the African slaves, from the peasantry to the lower class in various societies, these groups have always found a way to reconcile their differences and push back against their oppressors, even when they’re literally bound hand and foot in chains.

So, if every single oppressed group in history has fought back against their oppressors and eventually won within a few hundred years, why is it that, in every single civilization on earth, women have NEVER overthrown a male dominated hierarchy?

We’re really only left with a few options available to us.

1: Women are so incompetent that they can’t mount any sort of meaningful resistance, regardless of which civilization they’re in.
2: Women are so oblivious that they can’t see how badly they’ve been oppressed this whole time, so haven’t even tried due to pure stupidity.
3: Women felt they were getting something beneficial out of the deal, and believed the men who died for them were the ones getting the short end of the stick.

Well, fortunately the answer is actually #3; women aren’t stupid, and they aren’t useless, they just realize when they’re getting a good deal. In practice, women have always been given considerable advantages over men, and the trick has always been to go “Ooh, yes, you’re so biiiig and stroooong” any time a man starts to question why he has to be the one to take all the worst jobs, risk his life, and drew the short straw in virtually every way imaginable.

See, men have historically been given a shit role in life, but they were kept in check by simply telling them how great they were, or giving them a little paper hat and pretending they were the ones in charge. “My master is my slave”; Blue Oyster Cult wasn’t entirely too far off in this quote – it’s often easiest to control someone when they think they’re the one calling the shots.

Returning to patriarchy theory, however, this all gets twisted around so that, instead of women actually being fairly smart about their position, the only way to demonize men is to insult women’s intelligence and capability. If women aren’t useless and barely a step above goldfish in intellect, patriarchy theory can’t exist, it’s as simple as that.

Perpetual Victimhood & Empowerment

Feminism absolutely loves to toss around the word “empowerment”, as if it means something. The problem here, is that you can’t really “empower” someone by doing all the hard work for them. All that does is tell them that they’re too inept or useless to do it on their own.

True empowerment comes from accepting responsibility for one’s own fate, and realizing that you can make a difference in your own life.

Feminism kind of hates that concept, however. You may notice the whole “victim blaming” thing when it comes to things like rape.

“You couldn’t have done anything about it, and anyone who tells you that you’re a self-actualized human being with the capacity to change your destiny is just blaming the victim.”

Congratulations, you just told a rape victim that they’re doomed to be raped again, and again, and again, because they can literally do NOTHING to prevent it from ever happening again. Oh, and then you reinforce their fear by telling them ALL men are potential rapists, just to make sure they can never feel safe again. Great job, you’ve socially crippled someone for life.

In reality, empowerment comes from stating that, yes, this person who raped you was a piece of shit waste of flesh of a human being, and it’s their fault for perpetuating that crime upon you… however, most people aren’t like that, and it’s okay to have some faith in humanity after all. In fact, you won’t be doomed to a life of victimhood, useless for anything other than living in fear, but it’s actually possible to take precautions that can severely limit the chances of such ever happening to you again! You can actually lead a normal life by simply being a little cautious is all.

Feminism disempowers women by telling them they’re useless and can never change their fate; how misogynistic can you be? Oh, we’re about to find out…

It’s not your fault, nothing is, EVER!

Part of the whole thing about empowerment, is that people who feel they can take on the world are willing to try to do so; those who feel the whole world is stacked against them, conversely, will tend to give up before they even try.

Why, then, do we tell women that the world is against them when it’s not?

For example, let’s look at the idea that women are discriminated against in the workplace in such a way that companies don’t want to hire women, so they may as well not even bother applying. Well, that’s a great way to discourage someone from reaching for their dreams, for starters, but it also ignores the fact that companies generally have massive subsidized wages when it comes to female hires, such that you can typically hire two women for the price it costs to hire one man, because the government is paying for half of the women’s salaries.

Women are marked easier in school, are given bursaries and government grants for education for the sole reason that they’re female, and women get hired more readily, as well as promoted into positions they may not even be qualified for, simply because they’re women. If anything, the entire world is trying to prop women up, and there’s a vast network of fail-safes to keep women from falling to their doom should they find themselves unable to cope.

Men, on the other hand, do not have any of these advantages or safety nets, and are usually allowed to just go “splat”.

Not only does this mean that women are scared to even so much as try to apply in the first place (such as in politics, where it’s been shown quite clearly that gender plays virtually zero role in who gets voted for, yet women can’t be bothered to apply because they’ve been told they’ll never be elected simply for being a woman), but there’s actually a much more nefarious problem that this brings with it…

Those who have no motivation to succeed never will

Why should a woman work hard to succeed? After all, she gets marked higher in classes simply for being female, and will be passed even if she should have failed. She doesn’t have to invest really any of her own money in education, nor does she have to worry about getting hired, or even being promoted.

When the world is handed to you on a silver platter, you get lazy, full stop.

Women are capable of remarkable things, but they, like all humans, have to be pushed to excel, and given motivation to do so. Women, like men, need to be told they CAN do something, and not only that they can, but that they have to and that failure is not an option.

Men have reached the top, not because they’re being given a free pass, but because they’ve been forced to be the best they can be just for survival, and that same trait pushes them to greater heights. Women, however… have been shafted by feminism and being given freebies.

Rather than teaching women that they can be as awesome as guys are, they’re simply coddled and told that men will simply take all the good jobs no matter what a woman does, but that’s okay, because we’ll prop that woman up anyway no matter how little effort she puts in. There’s just no motivation to strive for excellence in an environment such as this.

Some, few, women get taught from an early age to do their best at all they do, and are held to high standards. They’re forced to be equal to their brothers, they’re taught to always reach for the heavens, and they’re given the psychological tools required to fight their way to the top. These women do just fine in our society, and really have no need for feminism – most of the truly great, such as Margaret Thatcher, actively denounce feminism specifically to state that they earned their victories by their own merit, rather than having it dumped on their lap for free.

And this leads into the psychological issues women face from feminism…

Feminism steals credit for EVERYTHING.

That’s right, it doesn’t matter how much hard work you put into whatever you do, you’d be fucking useless without feminism there to prop you up and do all the work for you.

Oh, those women who were running their own businesses, or rose to the top before 1900, long before feminism even existed? Uh… those didn’t exist, yeah, well, except when feminism wants to showcase how awesome women are, but as soon as you mention that, clearly, this means that a strong woman can do this on their own, even under the most supposedly adverse conditions, so clearly feminism wasn’t needed, all those examples mysteriously vanish.

The fact of the matter is simply that women have long since known they can pull their own weight. In fact, if you want to get to the top, you have to pull significantly more than your own weight, and you absolutely need to stand on your own two feet.

Feminism doesn’t really give girls and women the chance to do that, however. What’s that? You want to work hard at something? Oh no you d’dn’t girlfriend! SIT IN THE FUCKING CHAIR WHILE WE CARRY YOU. That’s right, relax, be calm, slack off, you know you’re useless anyway, and without feminism to do all the heavy lifting, you would be nothing more than a babymaker.

Some of us would rather like to be respected, and therein lies our next problem:

Respect is earned, not mandated

You don’t earn respect by doing something easy. When you have your grades, your bills, your application, and your promotions all subsidized and given freebies, it simply isn’t viewed as being difficult, because… it isn’t.

It’s remarkably difficult for a woman to gain respect these days, not because people hate women, but because feminism has gone through such enormous lengths to make it near impossible for a hard-working woman to actually work hard without someone trying to shove her in a chair every five minutes to relax while feminism works its magic for her.

As such, we find that neither women nor men truly respect women all that much; there’s always that lingering doubt that she honestly didn’t deserve her position, and it was only given to her because of affirmative action. Even if that weren’t the case, the chances of her getting to where she is without relying on the feminist culture we have to prop her up and carry her at least part of the way is virtually negligible, meaning that it’s hard to honestly respect someone who didn’t claw their way up from the bottom.

Oh sure, we say that women have it so rough because it’s a man’s world, but we kind of know otherwise, even if we don’t express it out loud. Somewhere, in the back of our minds, we know that it’s not really a man’s world at all, and that the very core reason for many of women’s problems, is simply that women are so very rarely challenged anymore, to the point that they don’t know what to do when faced with even the slightest opposition or problem.

We’ve become a world of women who are so used to having everything handed to us, that we don’t know how to go get it ourselves when our minion takes the day off. Bloody hunchback, what do I pay you for? Oh, right, I don’t, because you’re male, so you’re supposed to just do this out of sheer adoration for the fact that I’m female. Silly me.

Unfortunately, this all culminates into a major problem: women aren’t expected to be useful, and are propped up so hard that it’s actually rather difficult for them to be useful even when they’re trying, and even if they succeed at being useful, feminism’s always there to steal the credit from them anyway.

Women have no capacity for thought. Period.

(At least, feminism claims they don’t)

Ever notice how… if a man’s drunk, he raped the woman? And if the woman’s drunk but the man’s not, he raped the woman? And if they’re both drunk, he raped the woman? What is with this magical alcohol that makes women completely incapable of any thought process whatsoever, but leaves a man who’s passed out unconscious and drooling on the floor more capable of providing consent than the woman is when she’s completely sober?

Of course, a woman can’t even say no to a drink; she’s socially obligated to drink simply because it’s offered to her. She has no choice or say in the matter, meaning even when she’s sober, she’s less capable of making a rational decision than a man who’s stone cold passed out.

Unless she tries to drive a car, then it’s one big “fuck you”. Couldn’t they tell it wasn’t her decision to drive while drunk?

It’s a conflicting message, and one that has to be addressed. Women are capable of actual, rational thought, no matter how much feminism tries to tell them that they’re mindless animals.

Oh, and if a woman chooses or says something that doesn’t agree with what the feminists WANT her to say, think or do? Well, it’s internalized misogyny, of course! Don’t worry, you’re a good little retarded monkey, and it’s not your fault that you disagreed with me, you’re clearly just too stupid to know any better, which only proves that I know more of what’s best for you than you do.

It’s more than a little insulting to realize that this entire list can be simply refuted with a handwave and the statement that I’m clearly just a dumb bitch.

Really. If a man said that, you’d be out for blood, but it’s okay to insult women if you do it in the name of feminism, just as this entire list has pointed out that, time and again, feminism demeans and insults women’s very intelligence and capacity.

And if you thought it was over, no, I’m afraid it isn’t.

77 cents on the dollar

This is true… and it’s just one more way in which statistics can say anything you want them to. Seriously, go pick up a copy of “Lies, damned lies and statistics” if you want to facepalm in anguish at how badly this study has been mangled. Hell, even the study that the statistic of women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for a man says, flat out, that it’s actually closer to 99 cents as soon as you factor in any decision a woman makes for herself.

They don’t tell you that part, though. At least, not on the posters and sound bytes. If you check the actual study, though, it says flat out that women are the ones who have put themselves into that position, and really, it’s a matter of women exerting their choice, and feminists claiming that women have no choice because someone else is forcing them to make that choice.

You just can’t be happy with the fact that women actually have a hand in their own fate, can you? That they might value working at sociable hours rather than the higher paying midnight shift? That they might actually rather work part time instead of overtime? That they’d rather be near their friends and family, rather than constantly moving or in the remote wilderness for weeks or months at a time?

The problem is that women generally have different priorities than men; men are told that the only thing they’re good for is bringing home money, so obviously, they tend to view getting more money as important. After all, when their wife wants a new car or a bigger house, SOMEONE has to pay for it, and that’s generally going to be the man because it’s all he’s good for. So… he works 60 hours instead of 30, he works a midnight shift, he works on an oil platform, or crab fishing, or joins the military, or otherwise sacrifices his free time and the things he wants to do in order to get more money.

Is it any wonder that men would make more money than women if the men are willing to take the shitty jobs no one wants, and those shitty jobs are the ones with inflated salaries as compensation so that they can at least fill it with SOMEONE? It shouldn’t be difficult to see, but apparently it is.

Women simply don’t tend to take shitty jobs, even if they pay more… because the job is shitty and women are willing to aim for a better job that gives a ton more benefits, but pays less. It’s really as simple as that; women are taught from birth to value personal comfort and sociability, while men are told to “man up” and work harder. This shouldn’t even need to be explained because it’s such blatant common sense… and yet, I, too, had the wool pulled over my eyes and believed it was unfair that women were paid less for many years.

Now, however, I see it for what it is: feminism demeaning women’s choices.

Oh, feminism CLAIMS it wants women to have choices, but as soon as a woman chooses to life a comfortable, happy life instead of as a wage slave, well fuck her. Of course, you can’t outright SAY fuck her, instead you simply imply she’s too stupid to know better, and that she’s being paid less because she’s a woman.

In reality, women under 30 make 8% more money than men under 30. Even if the 77 cents on the dollar thing were real at one point, we’ve already “defeated” it, and yet you don’t hear the cries of joy that women are paid more than men. Instead, the same old statistic is vomited up again ad nauseum. Or, wait, does vomiting ad nauseum even work? I’ll just pretend it does.

Regardless, once women began getting paid more, you’d think feminism would be happy, but alas, such is not the case. You can’t pat a woman on the head, after all, that’s something only non-misogynistic ideologies do. No, better keep stressing that women are useless and incapable of making any sort of choices on their own, and that it’s the whole world fucking them over, especially men, because we can’t have women being in control of their lives.

Feminism hurts women too

This is only the tip of the iceberg – there are a thousand more ways in which feminism harms women. Time and again, it consistently states that women are incapable of standing on their own two feet, and that the only way they’re capable of doing anything is if they’re propped up by feminism.

In reality, women are more than capable of standing on their own two feet, making choices for themselves, and altering the course of their own destiny. Feminism doesn’t want you to believe that, though, and wants to bury anything that says that women are self-actualized human beings with the capacity to think for themselves.

Feminism is the most misogynistic ideology out there, and it does it by claiming it exists to help women, while it stabs them in the back at every opportunity it gets. So long as you take it at face value, and listen to how twisted and mangled its claims are, sure, it sounds great. The moment you question it, or give it more than a cursory examination, feminism falls apart under the massive pile of bullshit that is itself.

Women deserve better than this backhanded compliment wannabe that is feminism. Women are capable of so much more, and to be blunt, feminism is holding them back more than anything else in the world by always replacing “I can” with “I can’t”, or substituting “This is my choice” with “patriarchy told me to say this”, or even so much as swapping “I can reach my dreams” with “the world is against you so just give up”.

I got to where I am through hard work and sacrifice; I grew up believing that I have the final control over my destiny, and in the end, it’s my life, and I earned it. Feminism can fuck off and stop trying to steal the respect I worked hard for, and it had damned well better stop claiming it’s helping women when it’s the single largest force acting against women.

Even if you discount all the bullshit that feminism does to men and boys, the damage it does to our economy, and the horrific clusterfuck it’s turned our legal system into, it’s still the single, largest threat against women.

You don’t hate women, do you? Then why would you let something that harms women exist?

It’s time to put feminism in its grave, because feminism hurts women too. (Though it honestly should be fucked over for every other asinine problem it causes, too, but that’s an article for another time.)

A bit about the Author:
She is a writer, a video game writer, an animator, transgendered, Lithuanian, female, bisexual, and, interestingly enough, legally blind without her glasses. And none of that matters. What matters is she’s passionate about men’s and others’ human rights.

10 thoughts on “Feminism Hurts Women Too

  1. Feminism is much worse than cancer today caused by women, which makes MGTOW the real cure altogether. GO MGTOW, you be glad you did.


  2. Feminism is even much worse than cancer now since most of these very pathetic women have really caused this in the first place to begin with.


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  4. Good article, glad to read that others have similar opinions. Here’s my thought – notice how political groups are significantly favouring women with children for votes? What does that say to women – you don’t have a choice whether you have children or not – you are favoured if you do. We are treated like rabbits even more than the “old” days. Even if you count the subsidies paid for employing women they are geared to women with kids ! So much so I think I can safely say – its punishing women for not having children ! That means women with kids have significant rights over childless women – It’s mother’s rights, but not women’s rights. Hell – mothers are all women, but not all women are mothers, how is that women’s rights? At least call a spade a spade I say.


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  6. Very well written, although I intend to source the studies you mentioned in order to validate your points. In any case, it pretty much encapsulates what I thought about the movement but was unable to express.


    • Oh, hey, I just noticed your post. Here’s a list of some of the studies which are cited, which should make your work easier. Note that most of these statistics originated in Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States of America, and are cited worldwide. For example, if you’ve ever heard 1 in 3 women will be raped in their lifetime, or 1 in 4, or 1 in 5, that statistic and the variations thereof all come back to the 1992 national women’s study and the ambiguous statistic gets thrown around all over the world.

      As such, expect many of these things to not be aussie-based, as most of the die-hard feminist statistics originate elsewhere and tend to just migrate via social media elsewhere.

      Anyway, here’s a list of some of the sources I used!

      *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Usual Weekly Earnings of
      Employed Full-Time Wage and Salary Workers by Detailed Occupation and Sex,
      Annual Averages 2003

      By June E. O’Neill and Dave M. O’Neill

      ***U.S. Census Bureaus Survey of Income and Program Participation, 2001 Panel,
      Wave 2. The exact median earnings for the women are $46,896; for the men,
      $39,996. Latest available data as of 2004.

      ****U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Table A-26, Usual Weekly Earnings of
      Employed Full-Time Wage and Salary Workers by Detailed Occupation and Sex,
      Annual Averages 2003 (unpublished table)

      *****Mary Koss study, aka: the 1992 National Women’s Study by Dr. Dean Kilpatrick of the Crime Victims Re-
      search and Treatment Center at the Medical School of South Carolina.


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    acquire in fact enjoyed account your blog posts.
    Anyway I will be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently fast.


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