Men’s Rights Sydney

This site is for all those interested in men’s rights activism in Sydney.

Men’s Rights Sydney meets on the last Sunday of the month in the suburb of Newtown. If you are interested in attending, feel free to contact us. Ideally we prefer if people contact us to let us know they intend to come but you are also free to simply show up.

Who is Welcome at our Meetings?

Everybody is welcome. This includes those whose ideological beliefs run contrary to ours such as that of Feminists and Social Justice Warriors. As long as you are willing to be civil and non-disruptive, you are more than welcome to join us. We do not require that you agree with us, only that you are willing to engage in civil discussion or debate. You will be treated with at least the same level of respect that you are willing to grant us.

If however, you are intending to come just to yell, rant, and/or cause a public disturbance, we would rather that you stayed at home.

Men’s Rights Sydney’s mission is to:

  1. Provide a focal point for Sydney-based men’s rights activists to meet, organise, plan, discuss issues, and socialise.
  2. Raise awareness in the wider community about the largely ignored and unreported discrimination that exists against men and boys in our society in a large number of key areas
  3. Encourage discussion and debate on all subject matter related to men’s rights and issues.
  4. Provide accurate peer reviewed information, statistics, and resources to any interested party in order to back up our arguments and to counter the many widely held, but factually incorrect, myths about gender that exist in our society and that are often promoted and repeated by gender ideologues.
  5. Lobby for the elimination of gender specific legislation, to be replaced with gender neutral legislation that does not favour one gender (male OR female) over another, and to oppose any further attempts to enact new such legislation.

Contrary to the misinformation promoted by gender ideologues…

  •  We do not hate women – While we obviously don’t believe that women are the epitome of evil, to be hated and distrusted at every opportunity, likewise we also don’t believe that women are angelic beings deserving of automatic respect, preferential treatment, and immunity from criticism. What we DO believe is that women are human beings and as such are every bit as capable, and as flawed, as men are and that neither sex should be considered more or less worthy of justice and compassion than the other.
    It is true that we criticise and oppose feminism but this does not mean we are misogynists. Although the two are often conflated, feminism is not synonymous with women. The latter is a demographic, the former is an ideology. It is the ideology that we hate, not women. We do not believe that women are nothing but rudderless victims in need of special assistance in order to compete with men, we have a much higher opinion of women than that.
  • We are not trying to take away women’s reproductive rights – We do however believe that men should have some reproductive rights as well, such as the right to legal paternal surrender if they so choose. Men’s Rights Sydney has no official position on abortion, it has no direct effect on men so is not a Men’s Rights issue as far as we are concerned. However, our members will almost certainly have their own personal beliefs on the issue but this is their own business and not something that has any effect on our activism or policies.
  • We are not racist, sexist, or homophobic – Men’s Rights Sydney does not discriminate in any way. People of all races, sexual orientations, genders, religion, etc. are welcome to join us. We already have several female members and hope to have many more in the future. Our interest in our member’s personal lives starts and ends with their willingness to fight for the human rights of men and boys. Their sexual orientation, for example, is none of our business & of zero interest to us. Gay men are not immune to the discrimination faced by all men and that is our focus, not his sexual habits. The same goes for people’s gender, race, etc.
    Straight, gay, trans, whatever, we just don’t care. What’s between your legs & where you choose to put it is none of our concern. All we care about is what’s between your ears & what you choose to do with it.
  • We do not promote or condone hate, violence, or intimidation – Many men have experienced horrific inequality & injustice and are, quite understandably, very angry. Anger & venting is to be expected & is a natural & healthy human response to injustice. That said, anyone advocating or attempting to incite violence, be they a member or a visitor, will be promptly shown the door. No exceptions. Furthermore if we have reasonable cause to think that you are likely to be planning a violent act, the police will also be notified. That’s just how we roll, take it or leave it. At Men’s Rights Sydney we fight with words & facts, not weapons. Besides, we can do far more damage to gender ideologues and bigots by shining the light of truth onto them than we could ever do through physical violence. Violence is not only morally reprehensible but will also achieve nothing. It is not violence but the truth that our opponents really fear.
  • We are not claiming that men are oppressed – Likewise we do not believe that women are oppressed. Outside of specific isolated cases, if you have lived your entire life in a prosperous western democracy you have never been oppressed & likely have no conception of what true oppression is. What we ARE saying is that women are not the only gender that faces discrimination. Both men and women face discrimination and neither one is uniquely privileged or discriminated against, they are merely privileged or discriminated against in different ways. The difference is in the attention that these get. While society is quick to recognise & address the problems women face, it is highly reluctant to address the problems faced by men.
  • We are not all straight, white, right-wing, cis-gendered men – As mentioned above, we already have several female members so we are obviously not all men. We may well also have gay and/or trans members too but we have never asked so don’t know unless they decide to volunteer that information. As also mentioned above, it makes no difference to us anyway so we don’t really care.
    The same goes for political beliefs. Men’s Rights Sydney is apolitical and welcomes people of all political beliefs. If a politician introduces legislation that will work to advance the human rights of men, we will support them regardless of the party they belong to. It really is as simple as that.
  • We are Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs), not Pick Up Artists (PUAs) or “Red Pillers” – Feminist detractors and the mass media routinely conflates MRAs with PUAs and other non/anti-feminist groups that have little, if anything, to do with the Men’s Rights Movement. This enables them to dishonestly transfer the blame for the poor behaviour of PUAs to the entire “manosphere” by incorrectly referring to PUAs as MRAs in the media.
    PUAs and MRAs are completely seperate groups with wildly divergent, almost opposite goals and tactics. The two groups don’t even get along very well and often disapprove of each other. PUAs are almost exclusively concerned with convincing women to have sex with them and advocate the use of some fairly cynical and manipulative techniques to achieve this. MRAs however, are concerned only with bringing awareness to the areas in which men are systemically and socially discriminated against and in lobbying for change in those areas.

The Men’s Rights Movement is a rapidly growing one &, thanks in no small part to the blatant bigotry, hatred, violence, & irrationality consistently on display by gender bigots, along with their penchant for censorship, our issues are starting to get traction in the mainstream media as well as in the wider community.

Come & join us or, like those opposing human rights for black people in 1960’s America, you may find yourself on the wrong side of history. In the immortal words of Martin Luther King…

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice”

Not only are the facts on our side but we also hold the moral high ground. This is why the Men’s Rights Movement will eventually be victorious.


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  1. OK Firstly- I think this is great that you are addressing sexism against both sexes. However, as a feminist, we have the SAME morals. A feminist believes that sexes should be treated EQUALLY. We do’t think that women should be treated better then men, and anyone who does so is not a feminist. This is why it doesn’t make sense when you say that you believe ‘that women are human beings and as such are every bit as capable, and as flawed, as men are and that neither sex should be considered more or less worthy of justice and compassion than the other,’ but then you go on to say you oppose feminism. This website is basically saying men and women should have equal rights, just light a feminist does, but you call yourself a male activist group instead of a female activist group.

    K angry feminist rant over bye (also no I’m not a sad lesbian with no life)

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    • “This website is basically saying men and women should have equal rights, just light a feminist does”
      Allow me to tell a littel somthing about one of the most famous and well Known MRA’s.
      I’m going to give a simplifyed version of the events and I’m not going to give you any links I’m just going to tell you things becouse i’m a bit busy today unfortunately.
      Erin Pizzy : ERIN PIZZEY set up the world’s first refuge for battered women in 1971 – and went on to establish an international movement for victims of domestic violence.And yes She is a MRA,
      She built shelters for men as well. the shelter movement was starting to get funding and issues regarding domestic violence where starting to get international attention. Funding for victims services was beginning and then feminism got involved introduced a thing called the duluth model they used this model as an excuse to deny services to male and lesbian victims of domestic violence. It’s taking men decades to get the services that we would’ve had if feminism did not get involved even in countries like America which originally had gender neutral domestic violence laws (Family violence protection and services act of 1984) feminists fought against this and successfully replaced it with a gendered law called the violence against women act because “equality”

      I will give you 2 youtube links and neither of the links have anything to do with the story I just told you. But rather they are just more examples of why that ideology needs to be fought against


      • Well the ‘feminists’ who denied men and lesbians of service don’t have the same morals as a real feminist. Those people were actually misandrists, people who have prejudice towards men. Technically, as a feminist believes in equal rights, those people weren’t feminists. These days, many people think feminists hate men, but we don’t. There are actually a lot of feminist campaigns for equal rights for men. Also, talking about Erin Pizzey, here is a true feminist’s opinion on her and feminism.

        Erin’s words I quote: I always knew that women can be as vicious and irresponsible as men. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the movement (feminism), which proclaimed that all men are potential rapists and batterers, was based on a lie that, if allowed to flourish, would result in the complete destruction of family life.

        First of all, what she described as feminism is NOT feminism. Feminism is a movement to empower women to achieve gender equality. Nowhere is it said that men are potential rapists. I, as a feminist, would be eternally grateful to my dad, husband and friends who are great men. Feminism does NOT consider men as the enemy. There are men who are feminists too.


      • Oh I see i didn’t realise that only true scotsman could be feminists I guess I just need to ignore every feminist group with institutionalised power and lissen to the completely powerless feminists you know the ones without government funding , you know the ones who run a grand total of zero feminist organisations.


  2. This is all so true and insight full.
    I will be glad to push for some sexual equality, particularly with respect how poorly men are treated in a court of law in comparison to women. Furthermore the overwhelmingly growing number of young male suicide rates being overlooked by media and society.


  3. At one time, I had a significant percentage of my postings on MGTOW as Best of Board, under another user i.d.

    Then, a confused reporter for the New York Times wrote an article which said the age of consent in Mexico was 12, which is preposterous. Age of consent is 18, but after age 12 only the parents, guardian, or girl can decide to press charges. In Mexico, they are much more understanding of female sexuality, and if parents understand she wanted sex, they are unlikely to have the older man tossed in prison.

    My BIL operates a law college and taught law at UNAM for decades, So, I have an unusual knowledge of AOC in Mexico.

    I wrote a detailed article for MGTOW, explaining what is admittedly a different concept altogether, and posted it on MGTOW. I also included my personal opinion that PUA or using hookers in other nations can be very risky, and I could not recommend it. I have known 12 year old girls who were often confused for 25, and if you hit a hooker under 18 in any country in the world, and are a resident of the US, you get 30 years in Federal Prison when they get their hands on you. Fifteen years if it is consensual sex and she is under 16. (See US CFR)

    In a few minutes, I got a notice that I was banned for life, which really stunned me. I finally realized that someone, not sure if Nacho or a moderator, probably didn’t even understand what I wrote, and imagined it somehow advocated sex with young girls, which is exactly backwards from what I wrote. So, hit the ban button with no real thought.

    As time passed, all the best writers on the manosphere were systematically banned for trivial crap, or insulted until they went away.

    This latest nervous breakdown is not in itself that bad. Over many years, FRA/MRA activists burn out after around 18 months average, due to infighting among men, much more than attacks by feminists and misandrists. So, his 3 years weren’t bad at all. Yet, he is done as far as being a significant actor in the Manosphere.


  4. Nacho Vidal said:
    “You sad little fuck…go and get laid you little prick!”


    Well, I guess you sure showed me. There’s just no way in hell that I can refute an argument that is as well thought out & referenced as that. I bow to your greater intellect & rhetorical skills Sir.

    Please excuse me a moment while I go off to the corner & have a little cry…

    You have yourself a great day now.

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    • Nacho Vidal said:
      “You sad little fuck…go and get laid you little prick!”

      First off, “getting laid” is not a cure to bigotry, and really never has been. Second, getting laid could also land him in jail, or permanent alimony, child support, and so on. It’s not the solution; it’s part of the problem – it’s too dangerous for men to have a reasonable relationship when it comes to women, unfortunately, and I say that as a woman.

      It has become a game of Russian roulette for guys when it comes to women, with five rounds loaded. If you’re one of the few sane women out there, it just makes it frustrating to watch the BS that’s become the divorce industry, for example.

      In any case, the point is… men and boys have problems that they’re simply not equipped to fix on their own, and the whole “man up”, or “you’re pathetic if you have a problem” mentality is part of the bigotry that is a large part of this problem in the first place.

      Thank you for showcasing the very problem and broadcasting to the world that you’re a bigot; it makes the work of those trying to expose such bigotry that much easier when you loudly and publicly announce it of your own volition.

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    • Attacking people just because they have a different approach to the issues than you, even if you agree on 99% of the issues, is rather obscene. But all too common. It’s that sort of infighting that has undone the men’s movement time after time. I’m going to just go ahead you’re another of those “MGTOW is the only way, fuck MRAs” people. So instead of fighting the common enemy, you make everyone who is not pure enough to your standards your enemy. Sad.

      Kick ass, Men’s Rights Sydney!

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      • Thanks Dean, we appreciate the support.

        FYI, in case you didn’t already know (you probably do), Nacho is the guy that ran the now defunct MGTOW Forums then spat the dummy, & wrote that petulant “Screw you” post where he announced that he was severing all ties with the wider MRM because various men refused to go HIS own way.

        I’m afraid that all my fucks have been otherwise assigned. The fragile ego of one dogmatic MGTOW leaving the MRM in a cloud of childish butthurt is a long way down my priorities list, right below alphabetising my sock drawer & checking my backyard for evidence of bigfoot.

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    • Since you clearly have nothing to say, you could have spared yourself the trouble of writing, and spared everybody else the trouble of reading. That would have been a win-win solution, but I am guessing that you have some ulterior motive. . . ?


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