Open Letter To Mike Baird M.P. Premier NSW – Misguided support for White Ribbon

Mike Baird M.P.

Premier – NSW

Dear Premier Baird

I was dismayed to note the NSW government discrimination and prejudice associated with the issue of domestic violence and your personal support for the white ribbon campaign. I accept that domestic violence is a crime and our community should support victims and prosecute perpetrators but I am concerned that the NSW Government campaign promotes these beliefs on a gender specific basis. I.E. The white ribbon campaign promotes it aim as “Australia’s campaign to prevent men’s violence against women”. And by omission does not support the prevention of women’s violence against men.

Whilst I accept the majority of victims of domestic violence are women, the one in three campaign promotes the belief that up to a third of victims are male. Whichever statistic you choose to believe, it would be absurd to believe there are no male victims of domestic violence. Therefore the white ribbon campaign is divisive and sexist. I also note on your web (archive version) is filled with sexist literature and pictures to falsely promote the belief that men are exclusively the perpetrators and women exclusively the victims of domestic violence. E.G: For more information, including media releases and fact sheets, visit  (archive version)  . Which goes on:  Ms Goward will work with the non-government sector, the Men’s Behaviour Change Network.


I would like to believe that victims and perpetrators of domestic violence are treated in a fair manner without prejudice or discrimination, but I unfortunately do not believe this to be the case due to the prejudice of the NSW government and resulting sex discrimination in the NSW police force, which is led by your support for a divisive and sexist campaign.

I believe support for this campaign has wider repercussions in the community, to support the wider false preconception that women are societies victims and men are societies perpetrators and I am concerned for the discrimination men have suffered and will continue to suffer as long as these divisive and false beliefs are promoted within the Government, police force and community.

I ask you to withdraw your support for the white ribbon campaign so that all victims and perpetrators of domestic can be dealt with in a fair and impartial manner without gender discrimination promoted by the NSW Government and NSW police force.

One thought on “Open Letter To Mike Baird M.P. Premier NSW – Misguided support for White Ribbon

  1. Women are more violent than men. It is now official since recent changes to the definition of violence to include such things as verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and even financial abuse. Women have been using these tactics against the men in their lives since time began .
    If the feminists want these new definitions then they must also admit that women are just as violent as they claim men to be .


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