Letter to David Morrison

By Adrian Smyth

David Morrison A.O.

Chairman, Diversity Council Australia.

Dear Sir,

I refer to the article published in “The Australian” on Wednesday 11 Nov 2015 and the web site published by the diversity council of Australia. I also enclose an article published in “The Australian” on 14 Nov 2015.

Your concern for victims of domestic violence is only apparent if the victims are women. According to Bettina Arndt both men and women can be victims of domestic violence. This means that you discriminate against male victims of domestic violence because they are male.

I am long since sick and tired of being patronised with sexist hypocrisy. It is my belief you have decided to take this position because you think you look good in the eyes of women and you stand to further your political career in doing so. It seems you are aware of the resulting culture of discrimination against men or lack the intellect to understand the blatantly obvious about the topic you choose to patronise others about.

Your promotion of a culture of discrimination against men in order to propel your political career should disgust every decent person in Australia, it certainly disgusts me.

It has previously been reported that you told sexist members of the armed forces to “get out”. I now call upon you to resign your position as chairman, Diversity Council of Australia, with the same rhetoric you have chosen to use on others:

Get out you hypocrite.

5 thoughts on “Letter to David Morrison

  1. Never said a racist or sexist thing in my life, but was hammered by women in the workplace when confounded by illogical requests from other co-workers with the good old “you don’t get it because you’re a male” – whilst every women in the office (and many other whipped men) laughed and cackled. If I had ever said “you don’t get it because you’re a female” I would have been sent to workplace counseling and put under review before I could have sat down in my chair … maybe even sent on unpaid leave. I would never have said this of course, because it is offensive, but only apparently men can be offensive.

    Now in June 2016 according to Morrison, we’re going to openly denounce the use of the word “guys” !?! … which even women say to other women? Or calling a woman a “girl”, when I don’t even take offense at being addressed as “boy” (or “boys”) in regular conversation by other men and boys alike !?! Where do these denizens of 1984 Oceania get their training? At the Defense Force Academy, or the Psychological Warfare Directorate??? (No … seriously)

    … my checklist …
    – Male
    – White
    – Straight
    – Middle Class
    – Father
    – Christian
    – Conservative
    … I am the new whipping horse for SJW fruit-loops like David Morrison and others to score political points and to virtue signal to the ever increasing hoards of zombies that passive-aggressively want to see me nailed to a cross for all of the shortcomings of themselves and western civilization (which now seems to be collapsing with more than a little help from the ‘left’).

    Next it will be sexist for women to give birth to boys, and a special rebate will be offered by western governments for abortion of male babies … no seriously! That is where this mental illness will end. It is hard enough to raise children in this confusing world without all these people going to war against biology and language … talk about the metastatization of the social cancer … it’s going critical thanks to the David Morrison’s of the world.

    Thank you for sending him this letter, but how long will it be before your letter is used against you in a courtroom held in front of a jury of a majority Social Justice Warrior psy-opped public, and your charge being laid down as ‘Extremist Victimization’ (or ‘Terrorism’ ?) against the ‘vulnerable’? Not long if these psy-op warriors achieve critical mass.


  2. I would really like to ask David Morrison about Australian military involvement in aiding and abetting the Bacha Bazi trade in Afghanistan.


  3. Morrison is just another puppet. The vilification of men is being supported at the highest levels ,and I fail too see who gains from this dividing of the sexes. I see no winner.


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