The men’s liberation front for truth and justice

Author: Leonard Anderson

The following is an introduction to a newly formed university society; all newly formed societies are required by their host campuses to provide a basic run down of their reasons for being and current and or future activities.

The men’s liberation front for truth and justice is a university Society centred around the need for combating the ever increasing spread of misinformation on so-called gendered and social issues. What this means is our members are engaging those that would try and use inflated or misrepresented statistics and data in a bid to further their own ends. This may seem like a conspiracy theory to some! But bear with me here, have you ever heard of this myth?

Women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns—for doing the same work.

And no, I’m not calling the gender pay gap a myth, just the statement above in its context. “The gender wage gap, the observed difference between wages paid to women and wages paid to men, has been a source of both political controversy and economic research throughout the past several decades. The gap is commonly measured as the ratio of the median earnings of women and the

median earnings of men, which indicates the proportion of the median male earnings that the median female earnings represent. When the ratio is calculated for all men and women who are paid wages or salaries, or for all wage and salary earners who work full-time and year-round, the measure is often called the raw gender wage gap.”Source:

Many would have you believe that the wage gap is merely the result of sexist attitudes plaguing our society. While I don’t doubt there are still those attitudes looming! It is far from the only explanation to such gendered myths as the one above.Our group is also dedicated to activism as well; we have begun investigating an organisation that has taken it upon themselves, to represent a considerably large group of men fighting against domestic violence towards women by male perpetrators. As much as we find the fight against domestic violence admirable, it’s their methods we find illegal and unethical! We have ample evidence to show

that this organisation is working outside of the legal boundaries of a non-profit, laid down by the federal government. We also believe that their focus on the issue of domestic violence is one of selective outrage of a gendered nature, which only seems to be alienating those also very much affected by family violence, men, boys and the LBGT community included.If you are reading this! You may have some disconcerting questions and assumptions with our society.
Are we a male only group? No! Feel free to join whichever gender/sex you wish to identify with?Are we a men’s rights activists group? No! We don’t fight for the rights of any gender/sex; instead we try and correct or expose those that would misrepresent issues pertaining to men, women and the LBGT community.

I’m sure many of you will have a million more questions to ask, as we don’t engage in censorship! We believe you have the right to challenge any of our investigations, and we look forward to those questions and or criticisms. We also understand that our activities will draw negative attention from those not wishing to be criticized, to which I would say! You! And what you say! Are not above criticism!



About the author:

“Leonard Anderson is a student at UWS Bankstown University currently studying psychology. Founder of the campus society, The Men’s Liberation Front for Truth and Justice! Which was formed in a response to not only a personal need, but of a much greater need to challenge those wishing to spread misinformation on gendered and social issues in society. Leonard could no longer stand by and watch those that would unnecessary distort or fabricate the truth to their own personal and political agendas, and wishes to do as much as he can to clear away the bullshit! To better help those in dire need.”

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