The most offensive posters ever

This is going to be a very short update.

The  Stop Violence Against Everyone posters are as inoffensive as it is possible to be. They literally say that violence against everyone should be stopped, not just violence against women but including violence against women.

By tearing down these posters these people are opposing the statement that reducing & stopping violence against both men & women is a worthy goal. In other words, they are implicitly advocating violence against both men and women.

Social Justice… You’re doing it wrong!

The Non Feminist posters we also put up are also quite inoffensive yet it seems that the people who tore those down find the very idea that there are people out there who simply are not feminists offensive as well.

It’s a funny old world…

One thought on “The most offensive posters ever

  1. But Patriarchy! If you hate Feminism, or violence against men, then you’re evil! Because… Wait for it, wait for it… Patriarchy!


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