The ABC drops the ball…then trips over it…& breaks their leg in 3 places

The ABC is usually renowned for its quality journalism but with this article, Ursula Malone & Juanita Philips, the two clowns responsible for this dog turd in a paper bag of an article, have reached new depths of idiocy, the likes of which have rarely been seen before outside of the casts of the more asinine reality TV shows. How supposed professional journalists can be so gullible & so lacking in basic journalistic fact checking skills is completely beyond me.

This entire travesty of journalism was initiated when Tracy Howe, Chief Executive of Domestic Violence NSW, created an online petition calling for “zero tolerance” (whatever that is supposed to mean) on Domestic Violence and urging the Prime Minister to “host a national summit with state premiers and key stakeholders”.

And the reason for this? Well, according to her, DV in Australia has reached epidemic proportions. EPIDEMIC she says!

I will take a moment’s pause to allow you to complete your panic attack.

According to Ms. Howe:

We need mobilisation on this and it has to come from the top. We are pleading with Tony Abbott to lead on this. I think it’s about saying for once we are going to pull together all our resources and treat this in the way we would if it was a national disaster of any kind, like a flood or a bushfire, and deal with it head on.

Wow! Sounds like a pretty serious emergency. Reports of Domestic Violence must be increasing at an absolutely alarming rate!

But wait a minute… According to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research, the prevalence of DV has remained almost level since at least 2001, probably far longer. In fact, since 2001 it has actually dropped slightly, so DV is actually decreasing, not increasing. Hmmm, how strange!

OK, enough of the socratic method.

What is going on here is nothing but yet another publicity stunt by a feminist run DV organisation. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that (apart from certain journalists being so easily manipulated by this sort of cheap trick), the fact that they are manufacturing a crisis & using the standard false narrative that only women are victims & only men are perpetrators, means they are promoting their campaign by stepping on the necks of every man in Australia, & there IS something wrong with that. Every time this false narrative is reinforced by this type of manufactured media crisis, it makes it that much more likely that society at large will view all men as violent & dangerous & make it that much harder for male victims to get help. The effect is subtle but cumulative.

But who cares about men, right? Certainly not Domestic Violence NSW, that’s obvious.

But that’s just the beginning, so let’s move on. Those of us who have been in the MHRM a while will recognise this next canard…

Domestic violence is the leading cause of death and injury in women under 45, with more than one woman murdered by her current or former partner every week.

Yet another piece of (almost*) totally fabricated tosh that the authors swallowed whole. According to the latest available data (2003), the top 5 causes of death & disability for women 15-44 are:

  1. Anxiety & Depression
  2. Migraine
  3. Type 2 diabetes
  4. Asthma
  5. Schizophrenia.

Violence (let alone the subset of Domestic Violence) doesn’t even make the list, & since DV prevalence has actually dropped over the past decade it’s likely to be even lower down the list now than it was when these figures were collected in 2003.

* – The “DV is the leading cause of death in women under 45” canard was prompted by a single, largely discredited, study conducted by VicHealth. I say “prompted by” rather than “from” because, even if you count that study as a legitimate source, it didn’t even say what they claim it says. What it actually said was…

Intimate partner violence is responsible for more ill-health and premature death in Victorian women under the age of 45 than any other of the well-known preventable risk factors, including high blood pressure, obesity and smoking.

…which is a long way from what they are claiming.

Without knowing more about the personal opinions of the article’s authors, it’s impossible to know whether they swallowed this rubbish from Domestic Violence NSW out of an ideological bias, or simply out of sheer incompetence but, either way, it doesn’t speak well of their standard of professionalism. This kind of sloppy work is flat out unacceptable coming from two so-called professional journalists.  What I’d really like to see is the ABC take a stand here & actually hold the authors responsible for such egregious breaches of basic journalistic ethics but, yeah, I won’t be holding my breath.

But let’s continue because the worst is yet to come…

About 2/3 of the way into the article I was briefly heartened to see the following heading:

“Calls for Shift in Focus From Women to Men”.

“Finally!”, I thought. They are going to mention the fact that men make up a significant proportion of DV victims too.

Yeah, I know, I know, I’m a hopelessly optimistic idiot.

Predictably enough, we are treated to the same old reheated tripe about how men need to take responsibility for & prevent DV. The worst of this came from none other but the NSW Police Assistant Commissioner, Mark Murdoch who is quoted in the article as saying:

 Men need to wake up to the fact that it is a men’s problem … until they wake up to that fact, nothing’s going to change.

It’s a men’s problem is it Mr. Murdoch? Then how do you explain the fact that at least 1 in 3, possibly as many as 1 in 2, of all DV victims are male & that the overwhelming majority of these men are abused by female partners? Why is it solely men’s responsibility to “wake up” to this problem & solve it when almost 1/2 of the perpetrators are female? Why do women get a free pass when almost as many women as men are violently abusing their partners?

At first I was disappointed to hear such words come from a policeman but that was until I found out that, at his level, he is more politician than policeman. All he is doing here is parroting feminist rhetoric in order to stay out of the feminist firing line & keep his career on track. That’s some pretty cowardly behaviour coming from someone who leads, & is supposed to set an example for, the people that protect us from criminals. These people risk their lives every day but Mr. Murdoch can’t even bear to risk his career prospects. He should be ashamed.

I think I know what men need to “wake up” to. They need to wake up the fact that, as far as feminists, traditionalists, & politicians like Mr. Murdoch are concerned, that thing hanging between a man’s legs is not genitalia but a police badge, and by having one you are obligated to protect and serve the innocent. And by innocent they, of course, mean women.

All of the evidence shows that Domestic Violence is NOT a gender issue but a generational issue, that men & women are equally susceptible to becoming violent to their partner(s), & that the vast majority of abusers were themselves abused as children. This fact-based message is the one that should be being promoted by people like Tracy Howe & Mark Murdoch but instead we continually get this ridiculous ideologically-based message that only causes more fear & hatred towards men & neglect of male victims in genuine need.

It is this message that makes DV prevention campaigns utterly ineffective, it is this message that creates a world where male victims are referred to perpetrator counselling services when they call a Domestic Violence hotline because there are no services available to deal with male victims, & it is this message that leaves male victims so utterly neglected & isolated that they often see suicide as their only viable option.

It’s sick, it’s hateful, & the people who perpetuate it are nothing less than bigots.

Being a sloppy journalist like Ms. Malone & Ms Phillips is one thing, but people who cynically exploit men for their own ends Like Ms. Howe & Mr. Murdoch should be ashamed of themselves.


11 thoughts on “The ABC drops the ball…then trips over it…& breaks their leg in 3 places

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  2. I have taken further action on this one.
    Here is the email/form sent to the following:
    ABC, Australian press council, Independent Media Council, FreeTV, ACMA
    I have also written to A voice for men suggesting that an email campaign organized and should be sent
    to these and other media organizations and that this article be published on A voice for men.
    The email:
    The following Woozle (factoid) has been widely disseminated in the media:

    ‘DV is the leading cause of death and injury for women aged under of 45.’

    This is incorrect as the Vic health report says:

    “Intimate partner violence is responsible for more ill-health and premature
    death in Victorian women under the age of 45 than any other of the
    well-known preventable risk factors, including high blood pressure, obesity and smoking.”

    Something quite different.

    DV does not make the list the top causes of death and illness
    for women under 45. These are:
    1.Anxiety & Depression 2.Migraine 3.Type 2 diabetes 4.Asthma 5.Schizophrenia.

    Media should stop disseminating, correct, withdraw and/or publish
    the correct wording from the Vic Health report.
    This Woozle(factoid) is factually incorrect and breaches the Code of conduct.

    I do not have a contact for the editor of this site so place it here.


  3. “online petition calling for “zero tolerance” (whatever that is supposed to mean) ”

    It means that if a woman throws a plate at a man, or even engages in psychological or relational violence (shaming, sleep deprivation, spending joint funds on herself), she goes straight to prison.



    • LOL.Yeah, somehow I think not.

      Sounds suspiciously like code for “Put even more men in prison based on even less evidence” to me. When it comes to female on male DV, I have no doubt at all that there will be reasons why this “zero tolerance” won’t apply.


      • One only need to type “zero tolerance school” into google to come up with story after crazy story about the insanity of this approach.

        Authoritarians who are not very bright adore zero tolerance policies of any stripe. It relieves them of the burden of having to think, of having to consider and judge and provide grounds for making the judgment they made. In response to “it was only a jellybaby that a five year-old kid was pointing at another kid!”, they simply reply “we have *zero* tolerance for guns in school. Zero, zip, nada. No tolerance at all. The kid is suspended.”

        DV zero tolerance will result in the same kinds of stupid. In real life couples argue, sometimes heatedly.


  4. I posted a comment on the Royal Women’s Hospital Facebook page recently because their CEO made the same claim you have debunked here. She said the leading cause of death in women under 45 was domestic violence. I said it was very sad that a CEO of a major hospital could sink so low as to lie about DV. I received a response on the page saying it was an error-not a lie and a warning to be careful with my accusations.

    I pointed out that if it was an error the CEO had repeated it in a television interview and other spokes people had repeated the same “error” on numerous occasions. I said I found it impossible to believe that this CEO could have written this false statement and not realised it before her article was published in our most read newspaper. I said liar was the most appropriate word to use in this situation.

    The next post on the page said my comments had been removed as they were considered libelous to one of their staff members. They play a very dirty game.


    • I saw you comment before it was removed as I pretty much made the same comment myself. I did hear an explanation of why they claim this. Taking the top two reasons 1.Anxiety & Depression and 2.Migraine feminists then attribute all of this to DV. No correlation just an extrapolation to attribution of all of this to DV.


    • Yes, we in the MHRM are used to this sort of duplicitous online behaviour from those that oppose us. I recommend extending the MHRM mantra of Always Be Recording (ABR) into the online world & ensure that you Always Take a Screenshot (ATS) whenever you post anything on a forum that they control.

      Unfortunately it is the norm rather than the exception for them to throw any comments they cannot refute, or that makes them look bad, down the memory hole.

      The fact that they do this on a regular basis just proves that even they know that they can’t back up the stuff they claim with anything even approaching factual information. Instead they sweep it under the rug & do their best to pretend it doesn’t exist. But it does exist, & it is only a matter of time before everyone knows it.


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