Dr Janice Fiamengo censored

As many of you are aware, on 28th March there was a conference on men’s issues at the University of Ottowa in Canada which featured Dr. Janice Fiamengo, a University of Ottowa faculty member,  as keynote speaker.

Here’s what we know so far…

The conference was censored by an extremist marxist group called the Revolutionary Student Movement. They seem to have shut down their Facebook page at the moment but we had the foresight to make screen caps of it & have turned them into PDF files for your perusal which you can view here  and here . We also have a Google Cache version.


Part 2

Part 3

The reporter…


The storify of the feed…
If you know anything else about this group or the events of that day, please add it here or on AVFM. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Dr Janice Fiamengo censored

  1. From their own Facebook page…

    “The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) is a new attempt to build a Canada-wide revolutionary, combative, militant, and anti-capitalist student movement. We aim to organise students in the service of the broader working-class.”

    Combative & militant, huh?

    Yep, sounds like an organisation dedicated to peace, free speech, & equality to me, unlike us violent, hateful MHRAs.


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