Men’s Rights Sydney’s Poster Runs

First things first. We can assure everyone that we never post on, or even anywhere near, the Sydney University campus. The closest we have ever posted is on a tree near the corner of Abercrombie St & Shepherd St. We are not University students so we don’t feel it’s right to post on campus.


However, if there are any University of Sydney (or any other University) students out there that would like to post some posters on their campus, please feel free to contact us. We will happily supply you with posters, info on what we consider to be the best posting method, & whatever else you need (within reason).

Our posters have generated so much interest that we have decided to publish some of the videos of us putting them up.

The information in the following video is old. We have since changed the glue & the posting method we use so please bear that in mind while watching. We have included this old video just for comparison & to show the evolution of our process.


Language Warning – NSFW.


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