Australian MP George Christensen speaks out about family law/child support system reform

This news item was first published by Robert O’Hara on A Voice for Men and is republished here in its entirety. link

Last week Australian MP George Christensen delivered an impassioned speech to Parliament regarding the state of the Family Law and Child Support systems and the effect they have on relationships between fathers and their children.

In his speech he cited earlier policies instated by the former Gillard government that need reform or repeal. He also cited an article in which a retiring justice reported that false allegations of abuse were commonly used by mothers to gain control of a custody dispute.

Chrestensen has a history of strong support for Men and Father’s Rights issues and has caught the attention of advocates across the world.

Video below:

5 thoughts on “Australian MP George Christensen speaks out about family law/child support system reform

  1. Do you know if there is a recording of the full session? While I very much like this fellows speech, I would like to know the context. I mean if this was a meeting about raising the price of municipal water, then this was really pointless. I would like to hear any counter arguments made as well. You can never get the whole story listening to only one side of a debate.


    • Pretty sure that was all he said. Not sure exactly what you mean by knowing the context. This is a pretty standard House of Reps Private Members’ session where Government ministers get to raise their issues in front of the parliament (or at least those few members of it that can be bothered to show up).

      This session would not have been dedicated to any one particular issue, it would have simply been a string of unrelated issues brought up by various ministers one after the other.

      In any case, I was unable to find a longer video record of this session (although I’m sure it exists somewhere since all sessions are recorded now) but you can find a transcript of everything said in the Hansard. Here’s the speech in question:;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2Fe4d9989e-eae9-4f90-94c0-daae2dc39ec3%2F0162%22

      If you want to know more, check out the transcript of the rest of that session. You can navigate to each item using the left side bar on the page I just linked to.

      Hope this helps,


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