Let’s Find Danielle d’Entremont’s Attacker

On Wednesday March 26 2014, Danielle d’Entremont, a feminist activist who openly opposed the Queens University Men’s Issues Awareness Society (MIAS), was allegedly attacked by a man, whom she claims knew her by name, after leaving her apartment late that night.

The alleged assault, which apparently left Ms. d’Entremont, 23, with a chipped tooth and bruised face, took place a few days prior to a lecture by Professor Janice Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa titled “What’s equality got to do with it? Men’s rights & feminism’s double standards.”. While it was widely rumoured that d’Entremont was assaulted due to her feminist activism and opposition to the event featuring Professor Fiamengo, there is currently no evidence to support this.

Some in the community have raised doubts about the attack, citing Ms. d’Entremont’s strong motive to discredit pro-male activists, her strange behaviour after the event, & other inconsistencies. However, we believe that in the absence of evidence to the contrary, Ms. d’Entremont should be taken at her word & that all possible efforts should be made to find the guilty party & bring them to justice.

To this end, Men’s Rights Sydney is pledging an additional $500 to be added to the $4000 that Men’s Rights Canada ($1000), A Voice for Men ($1000), CAFE ($1000), The Honey Badger Brigade ($1000) have already offered as a reward for any information leading to the arrest & conviction of the alleged attacker. This now brings the total reward up to $4500.

Why would we bother with something so far away? Because the MHRM, like feminism, is a global movement. What happens in Canada or the USA, has implications here & vice versa. The MHRM denounces all violence, except in self defence, so if this attack was perpetrated by someone identifying as an MRA, we want to know about it so we can find him, expose him, & ensure he is brought to justice.

So, if anyone out there knows who this attacker is, there is now $4500 waiting for you. Come & collect it.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Find Danielle d’Entremont’s Attacker

  1. The underlying problem here folks is that law enforcement can now ” pork bloat” their budgets by engaging in ” rape hysteria”. And these perversions and manufactured statistics Alliances tht have consumed law enforcement’s are getting so bad, that guys basic due process rights re being slowly stripped.


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